Huichol Artists

Meet The Artists

The Huichol people are one of the only ethnic groups that have kept their culture virtually intact since before the Spanish conquest. The art produced by these indigenous craftsmen comes directly from the visions of Huichol shamans, which are then interpreted into tangible forms to pass these longstanding traditions from one generation to the next.

Alejandro Carrillo

Alejandro was born in San Andrés, Comahiata, Jalisco. At the tender age of 5, he embarks on the path of Huichol Art from the hand of those who would later become his father-in-law. Later on he would dedicate himself to the carving of wood pieces that later would be decorated with wax and glass beads (chaquira). Today, at the age of 49, Alejandro knows how to conjugate with great pride the communal life and daily life of his family by having integrated his wife and children in the making of pieces.

Nicolás Carrillo Carrillo

A native of the community of Tesorero, San Andrés, Cohamiata, his parents teach him at the age of 12, not only art, but also that Huichol creations involve a vital commitment, since the artist who inclines to them must submit to An inner search that involves a commitment to religion. Nicolás, now 34, reflects in his work a clear union of several images and symbols that form part of a complex and organized whole. His wife and daughter also participate in the creation of handcrafted pieces.

Abelina Carrillo Jiménez

With a marriage dedicated entirely to the artistic creation of pieces of unsurpassed beauty, Abelina and Nicolás Carrillo know how to combine art and devotion to the family. Abelina's skills capture stories of everyday life narrated through art. Her vision of the things that surround her reflects her personal feelings about life, culture and family.

Juan Carrillo Bautista

Juan was born in San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco, where he learned Huichol art at the age of 12. It started with the production of pieces of jewelry (bracelets and necklaces). Juan has tried to keep subtle and free, the influences of culture and community accumulated over time, in order to contribute in some way to the evolution of Huichol art. He thinks that some of the colors reflected in his pieces have meanings; Like blue, you consider good luck.

Elia González Bautista

Elia was born in San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco. He is 27 years old at an early age as an artist, understands and reflects in his works what he learned from the age of 8, when he began to show interest in colors. Familiar direct with other artists like Jose and Francisco Bautista, from whom he has learned and every day his art becomes something unique and spectacular. His works begin to travel the world which is one of his dreams, to make his art known to everyone. She loves her culture and is proud of her roots.

Obdulia González Bautista

One of the best artists we have is called Obdulia Gonzales Bautista, born on September 6, 1984 in the community of San Andrés Cohamiata municipality of Mezquitic in the State of Jalisco. He began at age 6 inspired by colors and symbolism, and to see his parents and his grandmother work the art of their culture. She begins to convey the art and even above this, the Huichol messages through its endemic symbolism.

Edgar Jiménez

This young artist starts in art by influence of his family. It is easy to fall in love with art when one is born surrounded by the Huichol tradition. Now Edgar begins to create his own story.

Salvador Jiménez

Meticulous artist attached to the details and always from the inspiration and the original art. His works show a fine use of the messages through the traditional symbols, and lately with a series of adaptations to the modern world.