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Prowling 'Mayetse' Jaguar

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Jaguars (Mayetse) are the messengers of the Huichol god of fire (Tatewari)--the patron of all shamans, spirit guides and ambassadors to the gods, called Marakame.
The Marakame are considered para-normal in their powers and are an integral link between the Huichol and their deities.
Mayetze Jaguars are guardians of the sacred initiation vows of the Marakame, with the sole power to devour the spirits of those who fail.

This famously fleet big cat gets the traditional Huichol treatment as part of this special collection of authentic handmade statues. Every piece is created by a skilled Wixarika artisan in the Sierra Madre mountain range and finished with traditional floral detailing, used in a variety of Huichol shamanic rituals to represent a connection with nature.

Every piece in the Tierra Huichol store is unique, and your item may differ slightly from the item pictured.

Materials: Epoxy, Beeswax & Glass Beads (Chaquira)

Size Dimensions: 17cm x 12cm x 7cm

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$ 1,610.00

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Maintenance Information

To prevent the tiny beads of glass beads loosen, do not expose this part directly to heat or light, as it can melt the adhesive Campeche wax (beeswax).